Year 3 are currently working hard getting ready for their Pop up Museum which launches on Wednesday 20th March until Monday 25th March.

The children in 3F and 3S have been working in partnership with Birmingham Museum this term.  Their challenge was to create a Pop up Museum in the school library.  As this is a new venture for us there were two workshops held in school by Birmingham Museum staff, explaining how a museum is set up and the types of jobs that people do in a museum.  The museum staff also brought some artefacts and stuffed birds for the children to look at.

In addition to this, a trip was arranged for the children to visit Birmingham Museum on 14th February. This was a fact finding mission to see how the museum is run.  Year 3 now have a better understanding of the tasks which are needed to be undertaken in order to get their own museum up and running.  The children also visited the museum shop, this gave the year group an opportunity to see what things could be sold in our own museum shop.  As the time is getting closer, the children in Year 3 are getting very excited.

Parents are invited to view the museum during parents’ evening on Wednesday 20th March. The exhibition will showcase the children’s historical investigations since they began in January. Year 3 have worked in collaboration with Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery to help to bring their museum to life. There will also be a timetable set up to allow all classes to visit the museum during the week and to purchase a souvenir from the shop.

Parents please bring your purses/wallets to buy souvenirs from the museum shop and send your child with a small amount of money for them to purchase a gift  – items range from approximately 50p to £1.00!