On Monday 16th March, 1H children arrived at school extremely excited as they eagerly awaited their walk to ASDA, Cape Hill. You may ask yourself why the youngsters were making such a visit…  Was it to help Mrs Herbert to do her shopping? Was it to escape from school to cause chaos in the aisles? No, it was to enable them to link their activity to this half term’s NICER topic ‘The Jolly Farmer’ and to pick and purchase suitable ingredients to make their very healthy fruit salad. So eager were 1H about their shopping trip, that they came into class extra early from their lunch, so that they could leave early to head to the supermarket. Shopping lists were memorised in their heads and money carefully distributed between the adults so that all of the goodies could be paid for.

The children had to remind Mrs Kennedy (their lunch time supervisor) that they would not be buying cakes as these are NOT healthy, much to her disappointment! After safely walking to ASDA (making good use of Year 1’s recent pedestrian training) the children and staff went off together in their allocated groups. The children had put together their own recipes which they wanted to follow, with key ingredients to source. Each group located their ingredients and then decided whether to use the self-scan, individual or manned checkouts to pay for their items. The children were trusted to pay for their goods and change was duly given back to their adults for safe keeping; along with the all-important receipts. 1H children made sure that they had left enough fruit for 1AT to purchase!

Safely, staff and children returned to school. Lots of smiley faces was proof that their shopping trip was successful. Many of the children were discussing making their tasty treats.  It was then that Mrs Herbert had remembered the next stage of their practical activity… Knives!