The children in Year 1 are not only safe in school but now also safe out in the local community; this is evident as they are approaching the end of their recent pedestrian training.  They are in the final stages of their pedestrian/road safety training and are currently learning how to deal with parked cars, including how to cross the road safely near junctions.

They have been out in small groups with a fully trained adult and have learned how to check right, then left then right again for cars approaching. In addition to this, they now know how to stand one step away from the kerb, then to look continually right then left, then right, then left again whilst safely crossing the road.

They have expressed their sadness, knowing that their last training session will happen on 6th May. While you are driving around Smethwick, do look out for children wearing high visibility jackets. They have done so well while paying great attention to their trainers and putting into practice all of the rules that they have acquired concerning all aspects of road safety.

Well done to all of the children in Year 1. Your teachers are extremely proud of you, knowing that you can share all that you have learned with your parents, members of your family and friends. The children have picked up some very important life skills and valuable lessons have been learned!