VPA Changemaker Party Election

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    VPA Changemaker Party Election

    This week, the children in Year 5 have been working across the year group in mixed classes and abilities, to form six Changemaker parties for our forthcoming election.

    Each group worked collaboratively to come up with a name for their group and a manifesto that covers three crucial points:
    1. What could we make better and how?
    2. What new idea could we introduce?
    3. How can we involve others outside of the school in our learning?

    The children have spent time researching and developing their ideas making sure that they have a ‘catchy’ slogan to link in with their party name. They have designed their own party flyer and have worked together in deciding where the best places are to strategically display their advertising posters.

    The children will present their ideas and ‘pitch’ the key issues of their manifesto to the whole school in an assembly on Thursday 7th May.

    We have our very own polling station set up for children to vote for the party who impresses them the most and who they confidently feel will ‘deliver’ on their promises! Official ballot papers have been produced by the children and these will be counted and verified after the voting has taken place.

    All we need to do then, is to wait for the results!

    Our Changemakers parties are:
    The Achievers
    The New Dimension
    New World Order

    Good luck!





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