Year 2 Visit The Grand Theatre – Wolverhampton

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    Year 2 Visit The Grand Theatre – Wolverhampton

    The children in Year 2 were lucky enough to visit the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre to watch the magical production of Peter Pan; as part of their Vici 50 activities. The children have been fully immersed into the mystical world of Peter Pan through their English work with the run up to the production – needless to say that they were incredibly excited!

    The children and staff, had an amazing time watching the show and enjoying a delicious ice cream during the interval. The children were superbly behaved and polite throughout the visit.

    Everyone who attended had a fantastic time. Everywhere you looked, you could see children with beaming smiles across their faces and eyes which were transfixed on the production itself.

    After the show, a group of children were lucky enough to meet Barry, one half of the very famous ‘Chuckle Brothers’.

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