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Year 3 – Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Visit

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    Year 3 – Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Visit

    In preparation for Year 3 innovating their own pop-up museum, the children visited Birmingham’s Museum and Art Gallery. The purpose of the visit was to:
    1) Consider the roles of museum staff and how the children might fill those posts in their own museum.
    2) Look at the layout/floor-plan of the museum and decide how this might be replicated on a smaller scale.
    3) Look at the different exhibitions which tie in with all of Year 3’s challenge packs so far (Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, local history, war, The Victorians, Dinosaurs/fossils) and others they might encounter further on up the school.   The children were encouraged to pay particular attention to the displays of Ancient Greek pottery as they would design and create their own shortly after returning to school.
    Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed the visit and returned to school full of ideas about how they might incorporate what they had seen, into their own pop-up museum.

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