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    Year 3’s Pop-Up Museum

    Year 3’s Pop-Up Museum was the ‘outcome’ of ‘A Day at the Museum’ NICER Challenge Pack.  To contribute to the museum the children loaned some artefacts from the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, these items included: taxidermy, Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egypt. The children researched, designed and created pots in the style of Ancient Greek. They used their skills in ICT, DT and Art.  They also displayed Ancient Greek shields which were made in DT and Art.
    In English lessons, the children wrote persuasive texts, these consisted of VIP invitation letters for the grand opening of the museum. Linking in with their Social Enterprise theme the children created a spice map of the world where they researched spices available from Ballot Street Spice.
    The children said that they thought the exhibitions should be displayed on a timeline in chronological order, which they attempted to do. This also linked to the launching of Year 3’s Summer Challenge Pack – ‘Dinosaur Stomp’.
    All of the children in Year 3 helped to make the museum a success! Children researched, planned and implemented various ideas. They also helped to set up and man display exhibits, serve in the gift shop, and act as museum security.  There was an array of examples of the children’s work on display for parents and visitors to see.  In addition to Year 3’s hard work, Year 4 kindly donated some examples of their Ancient Egyptian style artefacts.
    All visitors were encouraged to complete the ‘surveymonkey’ questionnaire. The children compiled the questions and this generated an electronic style questionnaire. There was also a visitors book on display and the comments were used to help the children to complete their TASC wheel – ‘tell someone and how did we do?’.
    Everyone who visited Year 3’s Pop-Up Museum was exceptionally impressed with all the hard work and dedication of all who took part!

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