Awesome Attendance – targets!

How good is your child’s attendance?

100% is Excellent Attendance.     96-99.9% is Very Good Attendance

Our School Target for Attendance this year 2017-18 is 96.1%

95-96% is Satisfactory Attendance

Help us to achieve our school target by ensuring your child attends school regularly and on time.

90-95% is Below Average Attendance.     Less than 90% is Poor Attendance

Weekly Attendance Figures – Week Beginning Monday 8th October 2018


 % Attendance

1KK 88.7
1KB 96.0
1CN 97.2
2AP 96.7
2JD 97.2
2TH 97.0
3JB 85.0
3TB 95.9
3AP 97.9
4PF 94.6
4MC 96.5
4SU 99.2
5SW 97.9
5CU 94.7
6MA 98.3
6PA 97.2


Attendance Information 2016/17

Well done to the the 22 children who have achieved the school target of 96.1% or above for attendance. 11 children from each Key Stage were picked at random to attend the visit to Edgmond Hall: 1 child from 1K, 4B and 4F,  2 children from RTH, 2D, 5J, 6A and 6E and 3 children from 1A, 1MS and 3A will attend the visit on Monday 12th June 2017. Well done all!

All pupils who attain 96.1% and above attendance during Summer 1 half term. will be entered into a prize draw to win a fabulous visit to Edgmond Hall, in Shropshire. This will be for the day and the deserving winners will attend with 1 of their parents/carers to participate in a day’s worth of exciting activities.  This trip will be organised from school and will take place towards the beginning of June.

As in past years, all children who attained 96.1% and above attendance since the beginning of the academic year, will be invited to attend ‘Jungle Bugs’ (formally Jitterbugs) Children’s Indoor Playcentre, situated in Blackheath. This trip will take place at the end of June.

Key Stage 2 Winner from 4B – taking home the fabulous prize of a brand new bike, drawn out at random in assembly.
Huge Congratulations!

All pupils who attain 96.1% and above attendance during Spring 2 half term. will be entered into a draw to win a lovely new bicycle with an adjustable seat.

All pupils who attained 96.1% and above attendance during Spring 1 half term, were entered into a draw to win a family pass to ‘Jungle Bugs’ (formally Jitterbugs) Children’s Indoor Playcentre.

Key Stage 1 Prize Winner

Key Stage 2 Prize Winner

A play pass for a family of 3 children maximum – including 3 children’s meals.

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