KS1 Phonics Programme

At VPA we follow the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme written and developed by Ruth Miskin. We do however adapt the scheme to the needs of our children, where necessary.

The scheme is split up into three main elements:

  • Speed Sounds.
  • Ditties and Storybooks.
  • Get Writing!

The speed sound lessons give clear guidance on how to teach children the sounds which they need to read the storybooks and to follow the activities in the ‘Get Writing!’ books.

Once children can read and blend all the Set 1 sounds into words, e.g. cat, hot, big, they then read Ditties, then Storybooks.

The Get Writing! books help children to use their phonic knowledge to: write simple sentences, compose stories based on picture strips and compose a range of texts using discussion prompts.

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