INSPiRE is recognised nationally as  an excellent parental involvement activity to help to increase parents’ awareness of children’s English and Maths skills, to build confidence in children and their parents and to help raise levels of achievement in Maths and English. The aim is for every class to be involved in a workshop session; these take place usually on a Wednesday afternoon in an informal atmosphere. Every child will invite an adult family member to attend; this is where your child can show what they have been learning about in school. The workshops are led by the children and facilitated by their class teacher. They are always fun and often you make resources with your child, which can be used at home as a learning aid, or to put proudly on display! INSPiRE has become part of our school culture for well over 7 years and it is a strong base for further parental and family involvement activities which develop the partnership between child, parents and teachers. The activities are practical and the environment is informal with an element of fun. Free refreshments are always available.Below is a timetable of when your child’s INSPiRE workshop is. Please note that if the workshop is on another date or cancelled you will be told by your child’s teacher. We look forward to seeing you.

Inspire Dates 2018 – 19

All workshops run on Wednesdays between 1.45pm and 3.00pm




Year Group

12.9.18 2AP
19.9.18 2TH
26.9.18 2JD
03.10.18 6MA
10.10.18 6PA
17.10.18 1CN
24.10.18 1KB
14.11.18 1KK
21.11.18 3JB
28.11.18 3AP
05.12.18 3TB
16.1.19 4MC
23.1.19 4PF
30.1.19 4SU
06.2.19 5SW
13.2.19 5CU
06.3.19 1KB
13.3.19 1KK
20.3.19 1CN
27.3.19 3TB
03.4.19 3AP
10.4.19 3JB
01.5.19 4PF
08.5.19 4SU
15.5.19 4MC
22.5.19 5CU
12.6.19 5SW
19.6.19 2TH
26.6.19 2JD
03.7.19 2AP


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