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Everybody Write Day – December 2014

It’s certainly not everyday that children attend school and are visited by a Spice Traveller riding a camel!

Here at Victoria Park Primary Academy, anything can happen. To help launch our ‘Everybody Write Day’ on Monday 1st December and week long activities, we were joined in assembly by Archibald Google, world famous spice traveller. He seemed to appear from nowhere with his enormous Google Map and his old worn out book of spice stories.

Throughout the day he spoke to all of the children and retold spice related stories collected from his travels around the world, creating a sense of culture and empathy.

The children have been inspired and enthused to write creatively in various forms and genres. More inspiration came from their visits to Humphrey the camel who was waiting to impress the crowds out on our school field. He was exceptionally well behaved and enjoyed all of the attention. Humphrey particularly enjoyed giving our Executive Head, Mr Morrish, Head of School, Mrs Dhesi and other members of staff a ride on his back.

To find out all about the work the children have put into making this week memorable, we would like to extend a warm invitation to all parents to attend our celebration assembly on Friday 5th December at 2.00pm in the school hall.

During the assembly we will also be launching ourselves as one of the first five Ashoka Change Maker Schools in the UK, to see what is involved in being an Ashoka Change Maker school we would urge you to come along.

We look forward to sharing the children’s talents with you at this time.

100% Attendance Means Fun!!!

Attendance equals achievement!

Here at Victoria Park Primary we are striving to improve attendance levels daily. We have many initiatives in place to help support and to reward regular attendance.

Recently we have introduced a ‘fun way’ to reward whole classes who work together in attending school every day. At the end of the week the class/es who have achieved 100% attendance for that week are given a piñata filled with goodies for the class to share. Class 3F was the first class to achieve 100% attendance.

Each class in Year 6 have also had fun with a piñata, which they received congratulating them for all their hard work during SAT’s week.

Many congratulations go out to 1H as they have just been awarded 100% attendance for the third time since the beginning of May! Their first treat was a piñata, next they all had yummy ice creams and today the class are hosting a teddy bears picnic!

Well done all and keep up the good work – who will be next?

3F 100% Attendance

Class 3F 100% Attendance

Class 1H 100% Attendance

Class 1H 100% Attendance


1H Ice Cream Party

Class 1H 100% Attendance Ice-Cream Party

1H Teddy Bears Picnic

1H 100% Attendance Teddy Bears Picnic

Class 6A End of SAT's

Class 6A End of SAT’s


Class 6W End of SAT's

Class 6W End of SAT’s