Year Groups

You can learn about your child’s specific year group by visiting their dedicated pages. Here you will find their latest newsletter, spellings, any homework that has been set and any trips that are planned


A very big welcome to the Nursery page!

Both myself and Mrs Kaur would like to share all the real, immersive and purposeful learning that happens every day in Nursery.  We embrace both indoors and outdoors learning experiences through child led activities and through our NICER curriculum challenges. We focus on three main challenges during the year; ‘You and Me’, ‘Me and my school’ and ‘Me and my friends’. During the year there are several exciting experiences linked to these challenge packs where parents are welcome into Nursery to give the children home links to their learning.


Welcome to Reception!

We have three teachers in Reception; Mrs Sahota, Mrs Ghasemi and Miss Bibi. We embrace both indoor and outdoor learning experiences on a daily basis and will encourage all children to be independent and active learners.

We look forward to sharing all our fantastic learning with you! We deliver daily Phonics, Literacy and Maths across the year group, and run several parent sessions each term to give you the opportunity to be part of your children’s learning in the classroom. Through our NICER curriculum, we focus on three main challenge packs during the year; ‘The Big Adventure’, ‘A Real World’ and ‘Magical Outdoors’.

There are several exciting experiences tied in with these challenge packs, from visiting a Fairy Trail to the Emergency Services coming to school to give the children real-life experiences! 

Year 1

Welcome to Year one!

We are very excited to begin our learning journey with your child.  We will be working hard on our maths skills, and we will focus on reading and writing throughout the year.  We also guarantee that the children will have fun along the way!

Our challenge pack is ‘Far Far Away’, and we will be learning lots about different communities around the world.  As part of our learning as historians we will be visiting the Black Country Museum to experience life as a child in the past.

We believe in working in partnership with parents, and we will do our best to ensure that you are involved in your child’s education.  We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Year 2

In Year 2 we encourage children to develop their independence. We look to develop a love of learning and grow children’s intellectual curiosity and thirst to know more. We believe that learning should fuse creativity and exploration so that children develop understanding and embrace challenge.

Through our curriculum we aim to provide a breadth of knowledge and experience by making learning real, immersive and purposeful. We want children to be confident to take on new challenges, be able to work collaboratively and feel safe in the learning environment.

We feel passionate about developing the children in all aspects of their learning and in their individual needs.

Year 3

Thank you for visiting our page to find out what is happening in Year 3. Your teachers are Miss Blackstock, Mr Daniels and Miss Grice.

We aim to provide our children with a range of wonderfully exciting learning opportunities and life experiences. Our learning challenges are A Big adventure, Around the World in 80 Beats, A day at the Museum and Catastrophe. These fantastic challenges will encourage children to develop their personal interests and passions through a NICER curriculum.


Year 4

Welcome to year 4!

The year 4 team is made up of Miss Uppal, Mr Batham and Miss Fitzgerald along with our support staff Miss Akhtar and Miss Baker.

In year 4 our challenge packs include Bolts n Bones, Time Traveller and Crazy Contraptions.  These challenge packs aim to provide real and immersive experiences with the aim of embracing innovation, collaboration and creativity.

 In year 4 children we encourage children to take ownership for their learning and grow in confidence as they approach challenges during their learning journey.

We expect high standards of behaviour at all times and encourage children to act as role models for their peers.


Year 5

Welcome to year 5. Your teachers and learning support staff are Mr Waldron, Miss Bodh, Mr Cavill, Mrs Hipkiss and Mrs Nowara.

Throughout our curriculum, we aim to provide experiences, which are creative, immersive and purposeful. We want children to work more independently and be confident to approach challenges. Our challenge packs this year are Changemakers, Space Infinity and Invade and attack.

We will work hard to ensure learning is of the highest standard of presentation and organisation. We insist on outstanding behaviour at all times and encourage children to act as role models for each other.

Year 6

As we all know, Year 6 is a very important time for children across the country. With SATS looming, we must not overlook all of the amazing things that we have planned for the year. We will be looking at conflict throughout the ages; delving into the wonderful world of goblins and ghouls through the Spiderwick Chronicles as well as preparing ourselves for high school with the Final Countdown.