Welcome to our school:


On behalf of all the children, staff and governors, I would like to warmly welcome you to the Victoria Park Primary Academy website. I hope it provides you with a window into life within our school.

We are a large primary school located in Smethwick, part of Victoria Academies multi-academy trust based in the West Midlands, with the aim of creating a family of standout schools.

We believe that learning should be active and creative. We encourage children to embrace challenge and celebrate success and are very proud of our unique curriculum which is purposeful and diverse. We have clear values and aim to develop well rounded, independent children, preparing them for future careers by giving them the learning experiences they need to make a positive contribution to the wider world.

I hope you will take a good look around our website to see what we do . . .

Rob Reed

Meet our teams:



Mrs Herbert, Mrs Kaur and Miss Bowden

Year 2

Miss K Kaur, (Phase Leader) Miss O Prosser, Miss S Parton, Mrs P McDonald, Mrs P Forbes (T&L), Ms Jackson, Miss Bell 

Year 5

Mrs S Cavill, Ms R Grice, Mrs J Salter, Mrs Hipkiss and Mrs Vunduk

English as an additional Lauguage (EAL) Teacher 

Mrs G Sehdeva

Nurture and Pastoral Team

Ms J Hoole, Miss C Mosely, Miss S Hussain, Ms T Blackstock, Mrs K Kainth, Mrs S Mahal


Mrs J Sahota (Phase Leader), Mrs A Chana, Miss L Gould, Miss T Ali (HLTA), Miss L Smith, Miss T Kauser, Mrs Dore, Miss Moseley

Year 3

Miss T Blackstock (Phase Leader), Mrs A Pahal, Mr S Waldron, Miss S Uppal, Ms I Nawaz (HLTA),  Mrs M Kaur

Year 6

Mr M Atkinson, (Phase Leader) Mr J Daniels, Mr M Cavil, Miss N Thompson (HLTA), Mrs L Bennett, Ms M Carr, Ms N Akhtar

Office Team

Mrs M Uppal, Miss S Hussain, Mrs S Maxwell, Mr R Barnett (Trust ICT Lead)  and Mrs L Barnett-Richards

EWO: Mrs V Clarke

Year 1

Miss T Gill, Mrs Hussain, Mrs Hunt, Mrs Karabulut,  Miss Carr and Mrs Sekdev

Year 4

Mr P Atkinson, (Phase Leader)  Ms O Sillwood, Mrs P Malhi, Ms I Nawaz (HLTA) Ms R Roopra, 

Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) Cover Teachers

Miss P Forbes, Miss N Mulcahy, Mrs S Safeer

 Site and Support  Teams 

 Mr A Bahia (Site) Mrs J Hart, Mrs B Newman, Mrs I Kaur, Ms H Qayumi, Mrs H Kaur, Miss L Smith, Mrs K Kaur, Ms D Bromage, Ms S Akbari, Ms S Kaur, Ms IK Kaur

Mr N Comrie (Catering Manager), Ms H Kaur, Ms K Kaur, Ms I Kaur, Ms R Beale, Mr C Crackett, Ms D Serrah, Mr N Poole

Mrs J Hart (Midday Supervisor), T Anjam, K Begum, A Blake, J Gordon, K James,  S Kouser, S Kennedy, A Poole, S Naureen, H Qayumi, S Malik, T Noreen, G Kaila, A Jan, and M Kouser  


Headteacher: Mr Rob Reed

Deputy Headteacher –  Curriculum:      Mr Paul Blakey-Harris

Assistant Headteacher – SENCO/Inclusion: Mrs Kiran Kainth

Assistant Headteacher – EYFS:                    Mrs Rebecca Howell 


Assistant Headteacher – KS2 & Pastroral: Ms Tanya Blackstock

Designated Safeguarding Officer/Lead: Mrs Kiran Kainth & Mrs Shindy Mahal

Phase Leaders: Mrs Jas Sahota, Miss Kirandeep Kaur, Mr Paul Atkinson and Mr Mark Atkinson


Our Academy Council:


Our Academy Council is made up of members from the local community, including parents and staff. Unlike some other Academies, we do not have a sponsor and remain entirely independent. The Academy Council is responsible for overseeing the educational direction of the school to ensure all our children achieve as well as they can.
Councillors meet once per half term. All Councillors are expected to make a formal visit to the school each year to monitor the impact of their decisions and the progress the Headteacher is making towards securing school improvement.

To understand how our Academy Council fits into the wider Trust Governance Structure please visit https://victoriaacademiestrust.org/about-us/governance/

From time to time we have vacancies for a Parent Academy Council member. If you would like to know more about being a Parent Academy Councillor or would like to be considered when the next vacancy arises please contact the school to let us know.

Parent Councillors are appointed by parents, Staff nominated by colleagues, all others are approved by the Trust Board.

Chair: Kuldip Kaur (Parent) Appointed Summer 2021 elected by the AC, for 2 years. Re-elected Autumn 2023.


(Formerly Amber Marshal, stood down after 1 year due to relocation – Summer 2021)

Vice Chair: TBC (Community) 

Claire Cocker-Stewart (Clerk)



Area Link Academy Councillor Category
Safeguarding Kuldip Kaur Parent (Chair)
Health and Safety Rob Eeles Community
SEND James Moran Community
Pupil Premium Natalle Thompson Non-Teaching Staff
Wellbeing Kelly Butler Staff
Behaviour and Relationships (SDP) Larissa Pavel Community
English Reading  (SDP) Kuldip Kaur Parent 
Teaching and Learning (SDP) Dr Jattinder