Unity, Integrity, Courage, Curiosity, Excellence

The Victoria Academies Trust exists to make all of our people the best they can be. Everything we do is designed to serve the needs of our children, school communities and colleagues.

We want our people to be brilliant, kind and courageous, to be aspirational for themselves and others. Quite simply, we want our people to just be the best they can be.

We are a unique Trust. We are entirely independent and consist solely of like-minded schools that share a passion for innovation. We are committed to enabling each individual school to flourish with a high degree of autonomy whilst at the same time providing a culture of collaboration and mutual support.

At Victoria Park Academy we are proud to be the lead school for the Trust, and a former finalist for TES School of the Year.

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Our Trust Values:  


Our overall mission at VAT is to make all of our people ‘The best that they can be’.

To help us fulfil our mission, we have a number of core values that drive all that we do and decisions which we make.

These have been revisited by all 10 Trust Schools during the Summer of 2023 and will be launched across Victoria Park Academy from September. 

These values of UNITY, INTEGRITY, COURAGE, CURIOSITY AND EXCELLENCE, along with our commitment to strong ethical leadership ensure that we build a positive and powerful legacy to be proud of.