Design Technology

Vision: At Victoria Park, we aim to develop creative and curious learners. In Design and Technology we will develop children’s skills and knowledge in design, structures and mechanisms using a range of materials; including food. The children will be taught to combine their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to create a purposeful product. Children will apply knowledge and skills learned in other subjects, particularly Maths, Science and Art, in DT. Children will also have the opportunity to learn about food preparation, food hygiene and cooking techniques. Learning these skills will equip and prepare children for opportunities and responsibilities later in life.

What we teach: At Victoria Park, we teach skills taken from the National Curriculum progressively to ensure that all children are able to learn and develop throughout school. Objectives have been arranged into termly challenge packs to ensure cross curricular links are made and built on each year. Every year group will follow the design, make and evaluate cycle and ensure that technical knowledge and vocabulary is used throughout. The key skills taught are:

· Construction

· Cooking and nutrition

· Electrical and mechanical components (KS2)

· Mechanisms (KS1)

· Textiles

What learning looks like: DT is delivered by class teachers. The design, make and evaluate cycle is rooted in real life context linked to the challenge packs. Vocabulary from previous years is revised and built upon so that children can apply this when discussing and evaluating products. At the designing stage, children will be given opportunities to discuss concepts and ideas with one another. At the making stage, children will use skills and develop techniques to create products out of different materials, including how to use specific tools effectively. At the evaluation stage, children will be able to use a success criteria to evaluate their product and understand that ideas might need to be adapted, which is a part of the process as a designer.

Added extras:

Many challenge outcomes across the school allow children to showcase products created. Crafts clubs are offered to children to provide opportunities to develop their DT skills.

Subject Overview Design Technology

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