Vision: Children of Victoria Park will leave with a broad understanding of the legacy that has been left to us by previous periods of history. The will build a time line that starts at their own personal history in reception, all the way through to the second world war and present day by the end of key stage 2. They will learn about specific periods of time and prominent representative individuals that support their challenge packs and deepen their understanding of a wide range of topics. Our aim is to spark an interest in developing a richer understanding of where they and the wider community come from.


What we teach: Our chosen history subjects are aligned with the national curriculum expectations to closely fit with the challenge packs which have been created to draw in the children’s interest in a wide range of subjects. The History curriculum allows them to build a time line that has them reflecting on the effects of the past on history as it evolves.


What learning looks like: History lessons are often discreetly taught during NICER lessons throughout the challenge pack, allowing the children to become enveloped in the subject without making it a stand alone idea. These cross curriculum links means that children are constantly discovering new information about history through all lessons in the term. The challenge packs are launched to the children with incredible days to get them excited for the new topic, such as trips out of school or experiences in school. Year 6 travel to an RAF base to experience what it was like during World War 2 and year 3 spent an afternoon immersed in the ancient Greeks through a theatre company. Our Aim is for the children to get to experience some of what they are learning to allow them to grow greater links with the past.


Added extras: Children get to widen their understanding through club activities such as Black history club which has been held in the spring term.

During Key Stage 2, children get to display their learning and understanding to the rest of the school in a pop-up museum.


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