Many of our NICER Challenge Packs have a Historical focus. Children in reception and Year 1 start by understanding their own personal time lines, past and future in their local surroundings.

As well as factual information, children are taught the skills of historical investigation: how to critically assess and analyse sources, interpretation of events and the importance of their chronology of forming ideas and opinions.

Our only joint NICER Challenge pack occurs in Years 3 and 4, where both year groups work in unison to setup and populate their very own museum, exhibiting learning and artefacts in chronological order from Stone Age Civilisation through to the developments made by the Mayan and Egyptian legacies.

As children returned to school in September 2020, a short additional Challenge Pack was established ‘History in the Making’ for children to understand and explain their own personal experiences of an incredible time. We looked collectively at other historic pandemics, how and when these have occurred across the world, and how solutions were found to help reassure children and develop empathy and coping strategies. A time capsule was buried to help future children cope with similar circumstances.

Our children come from a wide and diverse set of backgrounds. When we look at history we actively seek to recognise and celebrate a diverse and representative set of figures and events that have shaped the world.


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