Victoria Park Academy is committed to meet the needs of each pupil as an individual.

Children, who are identified as having additional educational needs, wherever possible, remain integrated within a normal class and are supported by an additional teaching assistant.

Due regard is given to the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. The Special Needs Co-ordinator, the class teacher and the parents work closely so that the children have the greatest possible access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Close relationships are maintained with Educational Psychologists, Health Service and Learning Support Service, who support the school during the stages of assessment.


Religious Education and Collective Worship:

The school has no affiliation to any religious body or organisation. We aim to develop moral and spiritual values, to give children an awareness of themselves within a wider framework.

Our assemblies and R.E. lessons include stories and festivals from other faiths and reflect our multicultural society.



British Values, Citizenship and Character Education:


Our school is led by its values – FIDES. Through these we teach tolerance, understanding, empathy and team work.

Through shared assemblies we: discuss weekly stories through https://www.picture-news.co.uk/; enjoy collective singing; and share our successes during weekly praise celebrations.

We are strong advocates of the DoE’s Character Education framework and believe out curriculum and ethos fit this well.

As a trust we have been long term affiliate of  https://challengingeducation.co.uk/ and are committed to their RADY programme (Raising Attainment for Disadvantaged Youngsters). As part of our School Development plan (2020-2022) we will complete a ‘Poverty Proofing’ review to ensure equity for all in every aspect of school life.



Our children speak 37 home languages. We host more than 50 nationalities. It’s important to us that our children recognise role models and events in the past that reflect and represent themselves. We have produced accompanying subject guides for each of our challenge packs so that teachers have a bank of resources and links to diverse inspirations. We have also have a designated member of staff responsible for assuring Diversity across the curriculum, and our CLEAR advisors (pupil leadership group) report to teachers and leadership about the variety of sources and representation discussed and discovered in classes.