Ballot Street Spice

Mytime Active Sandwell

Mytime Active is a Healthy Lifestyle Service delivered to parents by a range of health and fitness professionals. The group of approximately 12 mums, was set up following the first Ballot Street Bazaar, held at Victoria Park Primary Academy.

The programme is run over 14 weeks at the Academy. The sessions take place on Thursday afternoons from 1.30pm to 3.00pm. Participants share in a discussion about healthy eating and healthier lifestyles, they discuss the week’s weight losses and look at food diary sheets, suggesting positive weight loss outcomes, followed by a gentle exercise session.

Already the ladies have begun to see positive health benefits and weight loss!

Thursday 9th March 2017

Week 2 – This week the parents learnt about how varying your diet and using food from all the food groups, can lead to a much healthier diet. This proved a very informative and educational session for the parents. The mums expressed the satisfaction of using these sessions in building parental links with outside professionals, the school and each other.

Thursday 2nd March 2017

The group met for the first time. Introductions were made and experiences shared. The ladies discussed new regimes for healthy living and better food choices.



Crowdfunding Campaign

Blending spices to create opportunity for a thriving community.

Victoria Park’s Spice Academy wants to bring a diverse community together; by cooking, growing & telling stories we will share how spices are used in our different cultures. Creating spice blends will be fun, help build understanding and create opportunity for all.

What we are planning:

To run a weekly spice club that creates a place for children and their parents/carers to share, taste, experience, recount and learn about the heritage of spices and how they are used in different countries, cultures and families.

Each week there will be a chance to work together and make a spice blend form a different part of the world. It could be a curry paste from Gujarat, a North African spice mix like Dukkah, a Caribbean Jerk recipe or something sweet like makowiec, a poppy seed pastry from Poland.

Then there will be a cookery demonstration and tasting session so we can taste the spice blend we’ve made. Each week families will go home with a new spice blend and recipes they can make, coming together the following week to share how we got on.

We will also tell an inspiring spice story it could be about the historical importance and origins of spice, a local business success story based on spice, how using spice changed lives, impacted culture, tradition or industry.

We want people to share with each other how spices are used in their families, cultures and traditions. There is so much to learn from one another, tips and ideas about how to use spices, recipes, how to grow your own and what the same spice may mean or be used for in different cultures. The more we share and understand the better!

Spices have been traded for centuries so we will be working towards having our own market stall that sells spice blends and spice products, and showcases the uses of spice from our Victoria Park community. We plan on using our knowledge of spice to create real opportunities for children, parents and our community.

What we need the funding for:

We want your help! The whole idea is to involve lots of people, come once, come very week, share an idea, bring us a recipe, tell us your story about spice or help us grow something we’ve never heard of before!

To get started we need to buy a stock of seeds for growing and spices that we can use for our spice club to start making spice blends that we can share. We also need to buy a few bits of equipment; pestle & mortars for grinding up our herbs and spices, tools for growing spices in our new polytunnel, we need to buy some packaging, labels, weighing scales – in fact all the things we need to get our Spice Academy grinding!

We also want to get the whole community involved so if you can’t pledge anything right now please share what we are doing with your friends, family and neighbours!

To date we have 73% of our target of £500 pledged. £366 has already been pledged by 21 backers. We have 7 days left to reach out target, so please visit our Crowdfunder page by clicking on the link below for more information. This project will only be funded if at least £500 is pledged by 10.33AM on Thursday 17th July 2014. We need your support – the clock is ticking!

The Spice Academy Achieves its Crowdfunding Target!

It is with thanks to many of you, that the Spice Academy has achieved its crowdfunding target; in fact, the target was overfunded by 11%! Your help means such a lot to the members of the Spice Academy, as it is now possible for the Spice Club to buy the things that it needs to carry on bringing people together and creating opportunities into the next school year.

Last Friday (18/07/14) a group of teachers, children, parents and community members came together to form a new social enterprise – Ballot Street Spice. It was always the intention of the Spice Academy work to grow into a community impacting social enterprise, creating employment and opportunity where there is a greater need.

Ballot Street Spice, a name that represents the spice heritage of our local area, will be going into production in the autumn with our first school inspired spice blend – Mrs Mahal’s Massala!

The Spice Academy can’t wait for you to try some, tell all your friends to buy some and spread the word about what they are up to. Also if anyone has advice, contacts or support they think might help the academy on its journey then please tweet @thespiceacademy or email

Thank you once again for your support.