It is with thanks to many of you, that the Spice Academy has achieved its crowdfunding target; in fact, the target was overfunded by 11%! Your help means such a lot to the members of the Spice Academy, as it is now possible for the Spice Club to buy the things that it needs to carry on bringing people together and creating opportunities into the next school year.

Last Friday (18/07/14) a group of teachers, children, parents and community members came together to form a new social enterprise – Ballot Street Spice. It was always the intention of the Spice Academy work to grow into a community impacting social enterprise, creating employment and opportunity where there is a greater need.

Ballot Street Spice, a name that represents the spice heritage of our local area, will be going into production in the autumn with our first school inspired spice blend – Mrs Mahal’s Massala!

The Spice Academy can’t wait for you to try some, tell all your friends to buy some and spread the word about what they are up to. Also if anyone has advice, contacts or support they think might help the academy on its journey then please tweet @thespiceacademy or email

Thank you once again for your support.