This week, Victoria Park Academy hosted the 3rd Ballot Street Bazaar. It was a great success as parents were treated to a practical cookery demonstration and tasting session.

Martin Mcnally and Kathy Fryatt, from Brushstrokes Community Project in Watt Street (off Messenger Road) Smethwick, spoke to parents about the services which the charity provide. There are many ways in which staff from the project support the local community: ESOL Classes, Councelling, Various Training Courses, Volunteer Opportunities, Foodbank, Home Visiting and Befriending Services, Recycling Clothes, Supplying Baby Equipment, Community Cafe and so much more!

Parents were able to watch a cookery demonstration of sweet and savoury pancakes with either raspberries or smoked salmon toppings. Kathy, Brushstrokes Cooking Champion, explained to parents how simple and healthy pancakes are to cook.

Parents were given the opportunity to blend various spices together to combine flavours – there was a tasting session incorporating the new fusion blends with plain yogurt and pitta bread. Maybe the next Ballot Street Spice blend has been born?

Finally, parents were given useful demonstrations and information by staff from our EMAG department, on the various computer programs and word games which we use in school and which parents can support their children with at home.

We are looking forward to our fourth and final Ballot Street Bazaar which will be held in school on Wednesday 12th July at 9.00am to 10.30am.

We look forward to seeing parents and visitors on the day!