On Friday 10th January, the Freshwater Theatre Company visited our Reception classes. Zoe took the children and teachers on a magical story hunt over hills, through sticky mud and under water! Everyone had to collect clues along the way and when the clues were put together, the children were able to retell the story ‘Pig in the Pond’. It helped the Reception children with their TASC wheel challenge ‘How can we tell a story’.

On Monday 27th January, Reception classes went on a visit to Windmill Cafe as part of their ‘Real World’ topic. The children ordered toast and some orange juice, they also used their noticing torches to find different things situated around the cafe. Using their ‘Freddie Fingers’, the children were able to read the menus and find out how much the food costs. Everyone had great fun especially when Miss Hartland’s sister Emma came to say hello – as she owns the cafe!

Friday 7th February, Nursery and Reception classes held their very own pyjama party. Children in Nursery made their own yummy pizzas and all the children made their own sandwiches incorporating very ‘funky’ fillings; sugar dust and sprinkles featured heavily on the menu and you could smell the pop-corn for miles!

On Wednesday 12th February, the children were very busy taking part in various role play activities; they have been pretending to be ASDA shop keepers and customers buying and selling ingredients for Pancake Day. The children have learned many new skills, used lots of new vocabulary and practised using real money for the first time – all very important life-skills!

Friday 14th February, saw the occasion of the EYFS ‘pop-up’ cafe. With the help of the school kitchen staff the children have been very busy preparing: cheddar muffins, heart-shaped shortcake biscuits, puff pastry swirls and pizza to sell to parents.

All money raised from recent EYFS activities will be used for purchasing RM Books.

Look out for many more exciting initiatives to come in EYFS!