Winter has certainly arrived in Forest School. Damp and cold afternoons do not deter our Foresters who have been looking for signs of life beneath the leaf fall. We have been using fallen sticks and leaves to make symmetrical patterns and to see how many patterns we can make with a small number of sticks, some very intricate patterns were made by year 2, who are also going to be designing and constructing Bug Hotels along with making some yummy bird food cake to help our feathered friends through the cold months.

Year 1 will be using their noticing torches over the next few weeks and identifying trees and watching for signs of spring.

An important part of Forest School is learning how to manage and take safe risks. The children will be set a variety of challenges like making the Trolls Bridge and then pretending to be the Billy goats that cross the bridge safely to the other side. We shall also be recreating the 3 little pig’s home and watching out for the big bad wolf!