Religious Education at Victoria Park follows the Sandwell Advisory Committee on Religious Education (SACRE). It provides guidance on Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural, mental and physical development (SMSC) and prepares pupils for a future is society by learning from faith and learning about religious traditions.

The teaching of SMSC principles, as well as British Values is enhanced through assemblies as well as through our wider school values. They are also a fundamental part of the Sandwell ‘Healthy Minds, Happy Me’ (our PSHE curriculum). Pupils learn about a range of religious festivals and have opportunities to visit places of worship during their time at Victoria Park.

The new RHE content has been embed within our medium term plans, either to be taught discreetly (where required) or alongside an area of the wider curriculum that compliments and helps to explain and demonstrate the content in context. 

Each year group also has a carefully selected suite of inclusive class texts that will be shared with children and discussed throughout each term. 


Subject Overview PSHE and SMSC

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